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Life Is Like A Box Of Turds

You never know HOW bad it's gonna taste

22 July
Name: Ditte
Species: Harlot

Greetings. Something's rotten in the state of Denmark - and it's probably me. People tell me I have a rotten mind anyway, so what the hell...? Now I guess I'm supposed to blabber on about who I am and what I like and so on and so forth, but that's major boring shit. Basically I made this journal just to have fun and write random things. Anyways:
LIKE: CKY, metal, poetry, getting drunk off my ass, being a professional slacker, lizards, kilts, beating up my brother, bumping uglies, surf the net, talking to my alter ego.

DISLIKE: Ignorants, preps who can't write anything but "omg liek totally lolz!1!!11!!", prejudice, stale beer, cashiers at Mc D, 14-days old rat piss, pop music and yellow snow.

So is it a proper biography now? Well, too bad if it isn't because I'm not writing one more letter!

*Poke* - I like beavers.